Nevis Mary, India,  Participating in pre-congress workshop "Stigma Identity & Human Rights" in Hyderabad, India Parwati Oli, Nepal, Zilda Borges, Brazil, & Alhaji Shehu S/Fada, Nigeria, Participate in pre-congress workshop "Stigma Identity & Human Rights" in Hyderabad, India Ngoma Ngoma, D. R. Congo, Visits with Children in a Leprosy Village outside Hyderabad, India Tien Pei Lee (IDEA Taiwan) greets Abakar Adam Mohammed (IDEA Sudan) at the 17th International Leprosy Congress in Hyderabad, India.  Also pictured is Alfred Muzee Aquilino.  Photo by Pam Parlapiano Mrs. Januka Baigai speaks at IDEA’s First Women’s Empowerment Workshop in Nepal William Malo, Hawaii, USA, Participating in "Stigma, Identity and Human Rights" Conference, Robben Island, South Africa


IDEA shall promote the human rights and dignity of all human beings around the world, with a focus on individuals affected by leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, to ensure that they live rewarding lives, as fully participating members of their community.

IDEA shall facilitate an international network of support, so that people from around the world can discuss their shared experiences, and gain strength from each other to address the challenges they face.

IDEA shall advocate on behalf of individuals to address the stigma, discrimination, segregation, isolation, and derogatory terminology that profoundly affects people’s lives.

IDEA shall promote the use of positive images, inspiring words, artistic talents, and other ways of self-expression, to replace outdated images and stereotypes with a holistic understanding of individuals whose lives have been challenged by leprosy/Hansen’s disease.

IDEA shall invest in the potential of each individual so that they can regain their rights to live where they choose, marry whom they wish, worship where they desire, provide for themselves and their family, and ensure that their children receive an education.

IDEA shall actively involve individuals who have been personally challenged by leprosy/Hansen’s disease in the governance and management of IDEA, and the conceptualization, planning and implementation of programs including the global campaign to eliminate stigma, empowerment process, self-sufficiency projects, scholarship programs, psychological support, professional and public education, and media awareness.

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